Petra Malá Miller was born in former Czechoslovakia and grew up in Blatnice, a village in
southern Moravia. Her photographic work explores the poetics of childhood, of innocence,
ageing, memory and loss and raises questions surrounding cultural identity, the individual,
the family and the community. 

By reconstructing incidents from her past and placing them within the present, Petra Malá
Miller filters experiences, memories and reveries through an emotional process of recollection
and translation. Her work takes place at the intersection between the real and the imaginary,
between truth and fiction, memory and forgetting. Petra Malá Miller’s work is primarily
autobiographical—but the photographs defy precise definition. Several are staged tableaux.
In others, the artist adopts the point-of-fact style of lyrical documentary photography. Fact and
fiction jostle one another. Looking back, drawing the outlines of the past across the present,
Malá Miller negotiates spans of time and dislocations in space through recollection and
projection; recollections stranded in time and place, projections of things to come. For Malá
Miller, the camera as an aide-mémoire is a key to self-knowledge and self-construction.

Petra Malá Miller earned her MFA from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague 

in 2008. In 2009, she received the ESSL Museum Award for Contemporary Art, Klosterneuburg,

Vienna. In 2013, she received an Alberta Foundation for the Arts award for her photography. Her
work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, the United States and in Canada
including: The Voice Reached Us Through the Floor, but the Words Themselves Were Lost, 
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (2013); The Intimate Circle in Contemporary Czech Photography, 
City Gallery Prague, Czech Republic (2013); The Voice Reached Us through the Floor, but the
Words Themselves 
Were Lost,
 Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague (2011); On the Threshold, Jiri Svestka
Gallery, Berlin (2011); Inter-view, Nitra Gallery, Nitra (2010); Czech It, an exhibition of modern and
contemporary Czech photography presented at Space Gallery, Pittsburgh (2009); Frame, Leica
Gallery, Prague (2008). Currently, Petra Malá Miller lives and 
works in Lethbridge, Canada.